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odium tetrachloroaurate(III) dihydrate, Au 49.5% min

Cat. No.: Au00430 CAS No.: 13874-02-7
MDL.: MFCD00149162 Formula: NaAuCl4.2H2O
F.W.397.80 (361.77anhy) Purity:
Storage: Sensitivity:
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Catalog Number: Au00430   CAS No.: 13874-02-7
MDL: MFCD00149162 Formula: NaAuCl4.2H2O
F.W.: 397.80 (361.77anhy) Purity:
Package: Unit: g
Appearance: Crystalline M.P.: 100° dec.
B.P.: Density: 0.8
Optical Rotation: Refractive Index:
Solubility: Soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Stability:
Storage: Category: Catalysts
Reference: Shi, R. X.; Liu, Y. K.; Xu, Z. Y. Sodium tetrachloroaurate(III) dihydrate-catalyzed efficient synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine and quinoxaline derivatives. J. Zhejiang Univ.-SCI. B 2010, 11 (2), 102-108. Fong, Y. Y.; Visser, B. R.; Gascooke, J. R.; Cowie, B. C. C.; Thomsen, L.; Metha, G. F.; Buntine, M. A.; Harris, H. H. Photoreduction Kinetics of Sodium Tetrachloroaurate under Synchrotron Soft X-ray Exposure. Langmuir 2011, 27 (13), 8099-8104. Qi, Z.; Xiugin, K.; Lei, L.; Lijuan, Z.; Yonghai, C. Mild and Selective Deprotection of tert-Butyl(dimethyl)silyl Ethers with Catalytic- Amounts of Sodium Tetrachloroaurate(III) Dihydrate. Synthesis 2015, 47 (1), 55-64.
Application: It is used in chemo-therapeutics. It is employed as a catalyst in the removal of tert-butyl(dimethyl)silyl (TBS) protecting groups. It is selective in the presence of aromatic TBS ethers, aliphatic triisopropylsilyl ethers, aliphatic tert-butyl(diphenyl)silyl ethers, or sterically hindered aliphatic TBS ethers. With excess catalyst, TBS ethers can also be transformed into 4-methoxybenzyl ethers or methyl ethers in one pot.