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Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III), Au 47.8% min

Cat. No.: Au00400 CAS No.: 16903-35-8
MDL.: MFCD00011322 Formula: HAuCl4.nH2O
F.W.339.79 Purity:
Storage: Sensitivity: Light Sensitive
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Catalog Number: Au00400   CAS No.: 16903-35-8
MDL: MFCD00011322 Formula: HAuCl4.nH2O
F.W.: 339.79 Purity:
Package: Unit: g
Appearance: Liquid M.P.:
B.P.: Density:
Optical Rotation: Refractive Index:
Solubility: Miscible with water, alcohol, ester, ether and ketone. Stability:
Storage: Category: Catalysts
Reference: Tiu, B. D. B.; Pernites, R. B.; Foster, E. L.; Advincula, R. C. Conducting polymer-gold co-patterned surfaces via nanosphere lithography. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2015, 459, 86-96. Jang, H.; Min, D. H. Spherically-Clustered Porous Au-Ag Alloy Nanoparticle Prepared by Partial Inhibition of Galvanic Replacement and Its Application for Efficient Multimodal Therapy. ACS nano 2015, 9 (3), 2696-2703.
Application: Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III) acts as a precursor used in the purification of gold by electrolysis. It is also used for the recovery, concentration, purification and analytical determination of gold. It acts as a key starting material for the preparation of gold compounds. It plays an important role as a catalyst in the preparation of 2-arylbenzoxazoles.