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Manufacturer for (1R)-(-)-Menthyl chloroformate

Release date: 10/27/2015 12:23:51 PM| source: | click: 8113

Dear Customers, 

We are a manufacturer of (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate in Canada and we could be your reliable supplier for your potential need of (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate with HNMR(1HNMR for (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate.pdf) and 13CNMR(13CNMR for (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate.pdf) reports. A large quantity of (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate (14602-86-9) are in stock now and ready to be shipped. If you need a quotation for (1R)-(−)-Menthyl chloroformate, you can send your inquiry to email address: info@synpharmatech.com. 

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